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Torre Quarto Torre Quarto winery was built by the French Dukes De la Rochefoucauld, in 1847. They had large estates in southern Italy and in the area surrounding Cerignola it covered about 5000 hectares whose 3000 were vineyards: for this reason biult their winery in the same place. It was called “Quarto Ducale” (that means “ducal quarter”), because the estates were a quarter of the Cerignola district. Here Dukes railway linked to the nearest station from which leaved for France. The wine was aged in France oak kasks, over 150 of these huge kasks (containing each about 290 hl) are still lied in Torre Quarto Cantine. In 1930s the italian-belgian family Cirillo Farrusi-Bautier Solvay became owner of this winery and renamed it “Torre Quarto” thanks to the ancient tower, part of the whole building, was once upon a time a schnapps distillery. Cirillo Farrusi family began the first prouducer of Puglia to sell “bottling wines” all over the world. With the passing of time the name “Torre Quarto” became synonim of quality that received a lot of awards, medals and certificates of its excellence and quality. Nowadays, the youngest son of the Cirillo Farrusi family, Stefano with the precious collaboration of Paradiso brothers, Luigi and Michele, experienced viticulturists in Cerignola, owns Torre Quarto winery and carries on the family tradition, still producing excellent quality wines.
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Torre Quarto Tarabuso 2010  750ml     
  Sku: 53210
Reg. $13.99

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