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Blue Moon Vintage Ale Collection Proximity Blonde Ale 750ml   
Sku: 52482

Tasting notes
Appearance A light golden color with excellent claritythat pours with a thin, delicate, white head. Aroma Assertive aroma of Chardonnay grapes with notes of apples. Taste Notes of Chardonnay grapes lead nicely to a hint of apples and kiwi with a touch of tartness. Mouthfeel Crafted to be dry and slightly fruity, with a smoothness derived from malted white wheat. Finish The flavor of Chardonnay grapes pleasantly fades to a clean finish.

Technical notes
Malts: White Wheat Hops: Mittelfruh Our Twist: Juice From Chardonnay Grapes IBUs: 2 Original Gravity: 17 Plato ABV: 8.5%

Food pairing
The Chardonnay-grape character of Vintage Blonde Ale pairs well with grilled seafood, chicken, pork, or light salads.

Reg. $8.99
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