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Clontarf Irish Whiskey 1014 Classic Blend

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Clontarf Irish Whiskey 1014 Classic Blend 1 L   
Sku: 52489

Ireland is known for its rolling green hills and cascading streams. Clontarf Irish Whiskey takes advantage of this natural abundance by using the finest ingredients that Ireland has to offer during the distilling process. A combination of barley, maize and pure spring water gives Clontarf its complex aroma and extraordinary flavor. Once distillation is complete, the whiskey still has some way to go. The young Clontarf 1014 is placed in charred oak bourbon casks for four long years of aging. Over this time the whiskey takes on the characteristics of the cask in which it is stored, absorbing the flavors and colors steeped into the wood.The final step before bottling Clontarf 1014 is called ”marrying” or ”vatting” the whiskey. This process fuses together the flavors of many casks to produce a complex whiskey of consistent quality from year to year. From the first taste of Clontarf 1014 you will agree that the time and care taken to make this fine whiskey was more than worth it!

Country: Ireland
Type: Irish Whiskey
Reg. $21.99
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