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Blue Hanger Scotch Whisky Limited Release

Blue Hanger Scotch Whisky Limited Release 750ml    92   
Sku: 1864178

3 day lead-time required to confirm availability Why?

Blue Hanger, a blended malt whisky (a category previously known as vatted malts) is named after William Hanger, the 3rd Lord Coleraine, a loyal customer of Berry Bros. & Rudd during the late 18th century. He was renowned for the striking blue clothes he wore and gained the soubriquet, “Blue Hanger”. Each release of Blue Hanger is a labour of love. Our spirits buyer, Doug McIvor, noses and tastes his way through many samples to identify exceptional casks before working with them to produce the best possible results in terms of aroma, flavour and finish. Every release is unique although there is continuity in overall style to retain the rich, smooth, fruity complexity that makes this Whisky stand out from the crowd. Doug says, “We aim very high and with each release I have learned more about the integrity of the Whisky and what each distillate and type of cask will bring to the party. There has always been a strong influence from Sherry casks but I try to rein this in to offer balance and complexity from the other casks”

  92 points (Sep24 2015)
Blue Hanger 11th Limited Release It’s the intensity of flavor that just grabbed me by the lapels and spun me round. It harbors intense tangelo juiciness; that unparalleled concentration of deep citrus skillfully mingled with dark vanilla, dried apricots, and gentle smoke. This goes the distance, delivering wave after delicious wave: peach juice, mandarin, pineapple cubes, and lemon zest. A firm, unctuous finish shows a little charred wood and dark sugar cloaked in fine smoke. Tongue pleasing and very special indeed. (Spring 2015) Reviewed by: Jonny McCormick
 Ultimate Beverage Challenge 92 points (Mar 2015)
Slightly smoky aromas include freshly milled wheat and charcoal. Unbelievably smooth on the palate, the velvety texture is juxtaposed by intense spices such as smoked paprika and white pepper. The smokiness lingers in the mouth.

Country: Scotland
Type: Scotch Whisky
Reg. $106.79
On Sale $98.59
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