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Beringer Vineyards The Beginning Our history dates back to the year 1868, when Jacob Beringer, enticed by the splendid opportunities of the new world, sailed from his home in Mainz, Germany to New York. However, New York did not appeal to Jacob and after hearing that the warm and Mediterranean plains of California were quite similar to the vineyards back home, he soon made his way to the Napa Valley. It was here that Jacob Beringer, along with his brother, Frederick Beringer, purchased land for the first Beringer Vineyard in 1875. Beringer Vineyards Today Beringer Vineyards holds the distinction of being the oldest continuously operating winery in the Napa Valley. It is also one of the very few wineries that survived the draconian prohibition of 1922, which lasted over a decade. The estate is also in the National Register for Historic Places as a historic district, a status it has held since 2001. With its perfect blend of modern technology and age old traditions, Beringer Vineyards still produces memorable wines that continue to bring recognition to the company and all of Napa Valley.
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Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon Founders' Estate 2010  750ml     
  Sku: 8832
Reg. $10.99
Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon Knights Valley 2011  750ml     
Winemaker Notes - To maintain the unique ... more
Sku: 5982
Reg. $29.99
Beringer Chardonnay Founders' Estate 2010  750ml     
  Sku: 8833
Reg. $10.99
Beringer Chardonnay Napa Valley 2009  750ml     
One of the best buys in the Chardonnay ... more
Sku: 48970
Reg. $8.99
Beringer Chardonnay Napa Valley 2011  750ml     
Beringer’s 2011 Chardonnay impresses for ... more
Sku: 3464
Reg. $18.99
On Sale $15.99
Beringer Chardonnay Private Reserve 2012  750ml      
The Chardonnay Private Reserve became famous ... more
Sku: 53958
Reg. $39.98
Beringer Chenin Blanc 2011  750ml     
  Sku: 2529
Reg. $7.99
Beringer Merlot 2009  750ml     
  Sku: 50151
Reg. $9.99
Beringer Merlot Founders' Estate 2011  750ml     
  Sku: 8830
Reg. $10.99
Beringer Merlot Napa Valley 2010  750ml     
  Sku: 54106
Reg. $17.99
Beringer Pinot Grigio  750ml     
  Sku: 46372
Reg. $8.99
Beringer Pinot Grigio Founders' Estate 2010  750ml     
  Sku: 53386
Reg. $10.99
Beringer Pinot Noir Founders' Estate 2011  750ml     
  Sku: 8891
Reg. $10.99
Beringer Sauvignon Blanc Founders' Estate 2011  750ml     
  Sku: 8831
Reg. $10.99
Beringer Sparkling Pink Moscato  750ml       
  Sku: 53293
Reg. $9.99
Beringer Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon California Collection  750ml     
  Sku: 1556798  
Reg. $8.99
On Sale $7.29
27% discount on 15 bottles for $98.85
Beringer Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Founders' Estate Culinary Collection  750ml     
  Sku: 1898720  
Reg. $9.79
On Sale $7.79
20% discount on 12 bottles for $93.48
Beringer Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2012  750ml     
For its size and prominence, the St. Helena ... more
Sku: 1875346  
Reg. $39.99
On Sale $31.99
20% discount on 12 bottles for $383.88
Beringer Vineyards Chardonnay California Collection 2012  750ml     
  Sku: 1831976  
Reg. $8.99
On Sale $7.29
27% discount on 15 bottles for $98.85
Beringer Vineyards Chardonnay California Collection 2013  750ml     
  Sku: 1912903  
Reg. $8.19
On Sale $6.59
20% discount on 12 bottles for $79.08
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